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What if school was designed around the needs and interests of each student, instead of students forcing themselves into the scheduling and social constraints of school?

Our customized approach to 1-on-1 instruction allows Augustine Hills School to do just that.


Augustine Hills School’s Mission is to educate students in a 1:1 atmosphere that provides individualized attention and offers an alternative to traditional school settings.  It is our goal to help every child be confident in their abilities and achieve success in their education.


We channel 30+ years of experience into helping parents and students focus on the best fit.


Our approach to 1-on-1 learning is both unique and based in researched and time-tested methods.


Hear from our students and parents about how 1-on-1 learning made a difference in their lives.


As a mom of four, I know that all parents want “the best” for their children. But, what if we’re looking at only half the picture? The best education is not just about the academics. It is about the environment. When searching for the best, we should also focus on the best fit.

At Augustine Hills School, we provide the best fit for every student, because we customize school curriculum for each child. This is a level of personalization that is simply not possible in a traditional classroom. For many students, the inherent limitations of the traditional classroom make learning difficult… and sometimes even impossible.

Individualized learning may be the answer.

Our 1:1 teacher to student environment allows students with social anxiety or other emotional issues, academic difficulties, or learning differences to take a much-needed pause. Some students may have an athletic or early-career schedule that simply does not allow them to be successful on a traditional school schedule. For international students, the language barrier and rapid pace of an American school can quickly prove overwhelming. 

At Augustine Hills School, we offer a safe haven where students can relax and learn to engage with their learning. Augustine Hills may be the right fit for your student throughout their time in school— or, we can create a bridge to a more traditional education. When the student eventually moves on to their next steps, they will do so on solid academic footing with complete confidence in their abilities.

To learn more about whether Augustine Hills School is the right fit for your student, contact us. Parents and students are encouraged to experience the difference first-hand by touring our school and meeting our faculty and staff.  Contact our office to schedule a visit.

At Augustine Hills School, success is within reach.

Juli Bennett, Executive Director

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The benefits of 1-on-1 instruction have been confirmed since Benjamin Bloom’s published study of the two sigma problem in 1984. 

Bloom and his graduate students found that the average student taught 1-on-1 was above 98% of the control class taught using traditional methods. Bloom labeled this the two sigma problem because students scored on average two standard deviations above students taught using traditional methods.

Augustine Hills School also uses mastery learning techniques when engaging students. In mastery learning techniques students demonstrate a certain level of performance before moving on to the next level. The pace of instruction is continually adjusted to allow students to reach the desired level of performance. 

Bloom also found that students’ time on task increased from 65% to more than 90% time on task when 1-on-1 instruction was used, and students’ attitudes and interests were the most positive in this individualized learning environment. 

At Augustine Hills School, the 1:1 teacher-to-student ratio means that your child has the constant attention of the teacher.  Your child can listen without distraction. They can speak and ask questions without fear. And their learning style, interests, and pace are their teachers’ primary focus, all day, every day.


This revolutionary style of learning emphasizes not only academic success, but also positive, mentoring relationships and social remediation.  The personalized curriculum, combined with a nurturing and supportive environment, inspire a true love for learning.

Students generally enroll at Augustine Hills School for one to three consecutive years, after which they merge into a more traditional school setting or graduate from our school with a high school diploma.  Our graduates leave well-prepared for “the next step.” The majority of our graduates go on to enroll in a traditional two or four-year college or university. Others move directly into a career, enlist in military service, or attend a vocational school.

If this sounds like the right environment for your student, don’t suffer through another unsuccessful school year.  Students may enter Augustine Hills School at any time during the school year. With our convenient location near I-95 in Wilmington, Delaware, our students hail from all over the region, including New Castle and Kent Counties, Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Parents and students are encouraged to experience the Augustine Hills difference first-hand by touring our school and meeting our faculty and staff. Contact us to arrange a visit.

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I’ve never heard of a 1-on-1 school before. Is this a “real” school?

Augustine Hills School is recognized by Delaware’s Department of Education as a private school, with an exceptional reputation among parents, students, and graduates. Each student’s enrollment, attendance, and grade advancement is reported to the Department of education. 

If there is no classroom, is there any social interaction between students?

While we encourage outside activities such as sports and other extracurriculars, Augustine Hills School also promotes connection between students during the school day.  Our students participate together in wellness activities every other week. We celebrate fun activities in-house, and we enjoy field trips.

What types of courses can my student take? Will he have the classes he needs for college?

We go far beyond the basics and offer not only a core curriculum, but also many exciting elective courses.  Students can learn foreign languages, express their creativity in art or photography, or take a class in a one of a dozen musical instruments. Depending upon interest, extra math, science or language courses can be added to strengthen knowledge and skills. Regardless of the student’s unique compilation of electives, however, our graduates are academically ready to enroll in college, with all of the required courses and experience.

What is the cost of a 1-on-1 school experience?

Tuition for Augustine Hills School is in on par with many of the other local private schools. At Augustine Hills School, however, each student receives a completely personalized education with 1-on-1 instruction in all subjects. Learn more about our tuition and enrollment here.

Will this work for my child?

 Each child is unique. But Augustine Hills School— formerly known as Back to Basics Private School— boasts years of experience creating a quality education to fit the needs of a wide variety of students.  Where other options, including online education and home schooling can be socially isolating and/or academically problematic, Augustine Hills School offers students a proven chance to succeed.

How long can – or should – my child stay at Augustine Hills school?

The answer depends on the needs of your child. Many students stay between one and three years. Students who finish high school at Augustine Hills School graduate with a high school diploma.

Can I visit Augustine Hills School?

Tours and interviews are available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Tours are by appointment only — please contact us to make an appointment. We kindly ask that you give us at least three days advance notice for individual tour requests.  We look forward to meeting you!


ANDREW: From homebound to college-bound

“During my high school career, I have encountered numerous challenges that most high school students would not typically face. I suffered from high anxiety, an eating disorder, and the death of an immediate family member. These factors lead to a significant accumulation of absences throughout high school. I constantly migrated from school-to-school in an attempt to find the “best-fit” school for me to achieve success while struggling with severe social anxiety. Each attempt was one bitter failure after another. It wasn’t until I found Augustine Hills School (formerly Back to Basics Private School) that I was able to consistently attend school and achieve academic success.

My first experience with Augustine Hills School was during my sophomore year of high school. At this time I was enrolled at St. Georges Technical High School, however, I had just been discharged from the hospital and was unable to return to traditional schooling, therefore, I was enrolled as a homebound student where I received one-on-one teaching by the instructors of Augustine Hills School. After failed attempts to return to traditional schooling, I later enrolled as a student at Augustine Hills due to my prior success with their homebound program.

At first, I was not totally sure about my decision to attend Augustine Hills I was skeptical of the one-on-one teaching (even though I was successful with this technique in the past). Due to the one-on-one teaching environment, I knew that there was no room for slacking off. I recall thoughts running through my mind such as: “What if my teacher doesn’t like me? What if I’m having an off day? I can’t hide in a classroom full of students and pretend I know what’s going on.” This fear was quickly eradicated after my first session with the teachers at Back to Basics. The teachers and the staff at Augustine Hills are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. The teachers have extensive knowledge in the subject that they are teaching and they are able to accustom their teaching style to the way that the student learns best. The staff never fails to acknowledge their students throughout the day and acquire how everything is going. They truly care about your education as well as your well-being.

Thanks to the help of Augustine Hills, I was finally able to complete my high school education. I am currently in my second semester York College of Pennsylvania majoring in Biology. Without the help of Back to Basics, I would not be where I am today. I highly recommend Back to Basics to anyone who wants to get a quality high school education.”


ANGEL: When school doesn't meet student needs

“Angel struggled with school from the start.  He went through the IEP process, but still no improvement.  Homework frequently did not come home. Visits to the principal’s office were common.  Things got bad enough at school that Angel participated in a day treatment program.

While he was in the program, my husband and I learned just as much or more than Angel.  We learned that the schools he has been in were not meeting his needs. Angel did transition back to school and after a month, there were no changes.

That is when Angel started at Back to Basics.  With the one-to-one instruction, there was nothing to distract Angel from learning and the teachers could easily see when something was not clicking and be able to react to that immediately. After a month, Angel was a different person.  He was starting to feel successful at school for the first time. The impact to his happiness, health, and relationships with family members was amazing. If we had only started Angel at Back to Basics sooner.

Angel attended Back to Basics from the 2nd half of 6th grade through the end of 7th grade.  If we didn’t have to move out of the area for employment reasons, Angel would still be at Back to Basics.

After 6 years of not being in the correct educational setting, Angel had a negative view of school.  He doubted that Back to Basics would be any different. Working one on one with the teachers, Angel could see that they truly cared about him.  The relationships with the teachers made a huge difference in Angel’s willingness to try.

Angel now knows that he can do school and that he is not stupid.  Angel is able to participate in class discussions and is able to ask questions when he doesn’t understand.  This confidence has allowed Angel to be able to try new things and participate in activities where he does not know anyone.

Angel now attends a small, private school.  He is able to be in a classroom with other kids and feel good about what he is doing.  Angel enjoys hosting prospective students for the day and making them feel welcome when they start at his new school.

Angel’s experience at Back to Basics has significantly improved his quality of life.


CAROLYN: Building skills for a lifetime

“Carolyn graduated from Augustine Hills School (formerly Back to Basics Private School) after starting with the school during in her freshman year. Before she came to the school, she was struggling in her subjects, especially math. Her mother found information about Augustine Hills School on the Internet and persuaded Carolyn to try the one-on-one teaching approach. Carolyn now says she knows her mother was right.

Carolyn loved going to school at Augustine Hills. She made many good friends and felt that the teachers helped her understand the subjects well. She doesn’t think she would have done as well in a typical classroom. Besides her subjects, the teachers taught her study skills. She feels that these skills helped her in high school and prepared her for the future.

Carolyn continued her education at Delaware Technical and Community College with plans to major in early education and become a pre-school teacher.”


JON: Transforming frustration into confidence

“Jon came to Augustine Hills School (formerly Back to Basics Private School) midway through his sophomore year seeking help due to a sudden change of academic program. He needed instruction to address subject matter gaps with a goal to complete the full academic year even though he was starting with the year nearly half over. Prior to coming to Augustine Hills, Jon was extremely frustrated by his situation and inability to handle the course material on his own.

Within the first few months, there was a dramatic shift in Jon’s attitude and effort as he began to experience genuine success filling in the various knowledge gaps. Working with his teachers one-on-one allowed him to achieve a deeper comprehension of the subject matter which increased his self-confidence. Over the next two and a half years, Jon’s grades consistently improved and he graduated from Augustine Hills School.

Both Jon and his parents believe the one-on-one learning environment unique to Augustine Hills School was the key to his academic success.”


RHEA: Self-esteem growth leads to new goals

“Rhea started at Augustine Hills School (formerly Back to Basics Private School) in the 7th grade. Prior to coming to the school, she was having trouble with reading and comprehension. She was frequently teased by her classmates because she could not keep up with them.

After being at Augustine Hills School for only six months, Rhea was reading books which she had not been able to do previously, and her self-esteem improved rapidly. One of the benefits Rhea’s mother observed was that the one-on-one environment enabled the teachers to match Rhea’s learning style and make sure she understood a concept before they moved on.

Rhea is now in 10th grade at a school in Maryland. She is able to tutor other students who are having difficulty; something she never imagined she would be able to do. Her goal is to finish 10th, 11th and 12th grade in two years. She is well on her way.”


“Everyone here is so nice. It’s better than regular school, because with one-on-one you get a lot more attention. My grades are good and I find it more challenging than regular school.”

— Callie S.

“My daughter started attending Augustine Hills School during the third marking period this year (11th grade). I have to say they made all the difference for her. She was struggling at her old school (which was also private). Both her grades and her emotional well being have gone way up. My daughter used to dread going to school and would make every excuse to stay home. Now she gets mad when I mentioned that the school year is almost over. She can’t believe the interest the teachers have taken in her. As she said to me, ‘they really care about me.’ This school as been for us a godsend. I only wish I had found it sooner.”

—James T.

“It was June of our daughter’s sophomore year in high school and we didn’t know where to send her for her junior year. We could not work with the public school system to get our daughter some of the special needs that she required.

A half a semester at a private school was equally frustrating. The teachers and staff were not capable of dealing with a child that did not fit the mold.

When I called Augustine Hills, [the staff] understood what we had experienced in the traditional school systems and I know we had found the right place. The entire staff was very supportive. The teachers were excellent and really boosted our daughter’s self-esteem. The attention, nurturing and education she received were phenomenal. Our daughter completed both her junior and senior years at Augustine Hills and even received significant scholarships from four different colleges.”



“Both of my sons attended Augustine Hills I thought you might like to know that one now has a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and the other is a Management Information Systems graduate… I feel part of the success they have enjoyed is due directly to the instruction they received.”

-Mrs. Cook


“Both of our sons have been fortunate enough to work with all the wonderful staff whose warmth and caring has brought out the best in them. The have learned more at Augustine Hills than they could have possibly learned in any other school. The opportunity to choose their own courses made learning an enjoyable experience for them.”

-Mr. & Mrs. Davis


“Just wanted to share with you how proud Angel is of his report card. He has shown it to the neighbor, his tennis coach, his therapist, and my parents. He now has his own copy in his bag. Watching Angel share the results of his work is like one of those credit card commercials – priceless!”

-Mr. & Mrs. Johnson


“Just wanted to share with you how proud Angel is of his report card. He has shown it to the neighbor, his tennis coach, his therapist, and my parents. He now has his own copy in his bag. Watching Angel share the results of his work is like one of those credit card commercials – priceless!”

-Mr. & Mrs. Johnson