Unlock Your Full Potential with Our One-on-One School Experience!

Welcome to a transformative educational journey tailored just for you! At Our One-on-One School, we believe in the power of personalized learning to unleash individual brilliance. Imagine a school where every lesson is crafted to match your unique learning style, pace, and interests. Our experienced educators are dedicated to providing undivided attention, ensuring you grasp concepts thoroughly and thrive academically.

What Sets Us Apart:

Personalized Attention: Enjoy exclusive one-on-one sessions with skilled instructors.

Tailored Curriculum: Learn at your pace, delve into subjects that inspire you, and excel in areas where you need support.

Flexibility & Convenience: Embrace a schedule that suits your lifestyle, combining in-person and online elements for a seamless learning experience.

Confidence Building: Boost your self-esteem and confidence through positive, individualized feedback and support.

Technological Integration: Experience the best of both worlds with cutting-edge online resources enhancing your educational journey.

Enroll now and embark on a learning adventure where you are the priority! Unleash your potential with Our One-on-One School – Where Education Meets Individual Excellence!

Every child is unique and so is Augustine Hills School. We cater to children who want to learn but struggle to do that in a traditional classroom environment. Does your child need a four-day week for school? Do they suffer from anxiety or depression? Does your child need a safe, drug free place to learn? Does your child have the ability to work at a faster pace? Would greater 1-on-1 engagement help your student to learn?

Augustine Hills is unique in its approach. We approach education in a whole new way, challenging your child to redefine the very definition of what “school” can be.  With an unprecedented teacher-to-student ratio of 1:1 for all courses, we offer the proven teaching and testing methods that will enable your child to truly learn.


Learn about our model, meet our staff, and check out some frequently asked questions.


Check out how we approach both core areas of learning and an extensive offering of electives.


Learn about our admissions, tuition, and policies at Augustine Hills School.


The best way to learn if Augustine Hills is the right fit for your student is to schedule a visit and consultation. We’ll share the story of our program, introduce our staff, and carefully explore the needs of your child. Take the first step towards a lasting solution.

Flipping the model

At most schools, students are placed in classes.

At Augustine Hills School, students are placed with teachers. 

There are no classrooms at Augustine Hill School. Instead, there are simply great teachers who teach to your child’s specific learning style.

Augustine Hills School hand-picks each teacher based on a variety of selection criteria such as your child’s academic profile, individual learning style, and any specific challenges they face. Our experienced instructors help determine your child’s strengths and identify areas for improvement, crafting a personalized learning plan that will help him achieve academic success.

At Augustine Hills, we know that success is not solely about improving reading proficiency or acing Algebra. Changing your child’s current path also requires an increase in confidence, a boost to self-esteem, and the development of a lifelong love of learning.  Our nurturing instructors and staff mentor students and provide a safe learning environment. Teachers, parents, and students work as a team. Together, we help kids get back on track academically, as well as heal and grow emotionally.

In-person, Hybrid, Online Learning

In a hybrid one-on-one learning environment, the educational experience is finely tuned to the individual student’s needs through a combination of personalized, direct interaction and supplementary online elements. This approach ensures that the student receives focused, individualized attention from the instructor in-person, and on-line, allowing for a deep understanding of their learning style and preferences. The integration of online resources and activities complements the one-on-one sessions, offering additional flexibility and varied learning opportunities. This hybrid model leverages the strengths of both personalized instruction and digital tools, creating a dynamic and tailored learning experience that caters to the unique requirements of the student while embracing the benefits of technology in education.

With AHS students schedules match their needs on a daily basis whether that is online or in person. Customized schedules, customized curriculum, leads to a learning environment that keeps students engaged and excited about learning.

PRESS RELEASE: Augustine Hills School offers customized 1-on-1 learning

Augustine Hills School (AHS) is now open and ready for students. We provide a lasting solution for unique learners. Based in Wilmington, DE.

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