We’re excited to re-launch Back to Basics Private School as Augustine Hills School.

Why change the name?

In a word PRIDE!

Kids take pride in where they attend school. We think it’s important that students chests swell when they are asked, “Where do you go to school?”

Augustine Hills School is such a place. And now it has a name to match.

Formerly known as Back to Basics Private School, Augustine Hills has much of the same ethos and now a chest-puffing name to go with it.

What students are an ideal fit for Augustine Hills?

• Students who need a safe place to retool. Kids who find themselves engulfed in social, emotional or health turmoil as a result of circumstances beyond their control. Students who have been bullied, injured or simply need to recenter themselves can excel at AHS. 

• Students who need extra help. While no student should be left behind, it happens every day. If you have a student who learns differently and has ADD, ADHD or Dyslexia to name a few, it is hard to keep pace in a traditional classroom of 25-30 students. AHS can be your answer. 

• Gifted and talented students. Increasingly, there are students who are blessed with concentrated interests and talent for a unique gift or vocation above all else. Often these prodigies have exemplary talents in athletics, academics or arts. Whether trying to be a professional athlete, a chess grand master or a world class musician, pursuit of these vocations may conflict with a typical school day. AHS can be just the solution.

About our Curriculum

All instruction at Augustine Hills is:

Student centered – tailored to the unique needs, interest and schedule of your student. There is no one size fits all. Students are moved along at their pace – not the pace of the pack.

Personalized – one-to-one instruction means to accelerate progress with no “hiding” from the teacher. We use differentiating teaching methods that are best suited to each student. Regardless of the intervention needed, we will find and deploy a technique that works!

Safe – lacking crowded hallways, locker rooms and an intimidating cafeteria, all of our students enjoy a friendly environment conducive to learning. Quiet study rooms, a small break room, friendly teachers and a welcoming staff are all in abundant supply at AHS.

So when your student gets asked where they go to school, they will be proud to reply Augustine Hills School. And when asked where it is, they will confidently reply “in Augustine Hills of the Augustine cut-off”. 

And best of all, when asked what kind of school is it. They will confidently say “it’s a private school where I get personalized instruction, on my terms and on a schedule that  the way I like it”.

Augustine Hills School. 

Personalized teaching. Accelerated learning. Student success. 


Hear about the 1-on-1 learning difference from one of our alumni.