Augustine Hills School offers customized 1-on-1 learning

Formerly known as Back to Basics Private School, this Wilmington, DE based private school provides unique opportunities for unique students.

Augustine Hills School (AHS) is now open and ready for students. Back to Basics Learning Dynamics is excited to announce that they have re-launched Back to Basics Private School as Augustine Hills School.

Augustine Hills School is unlike “traditional” schools. AHS is uniquely designed for students who need individualized attention. New owners Juli and Scott Bennett know that there are parents out there searching for a school that can accommodate their unique child’s needs, and AHS is that place.

Traditional schools assign students to teachers and classrooms. AHS turns that model upside down. At AHS, teachers are assigned to a student based upon the distinctive needs, ability, and personality of each student.

“We pair the child with the teacher so that they’re getting the individualized attention that they need,” CEO Juli Bennett said. “And then we get them confident about education all over again.”

Each student is taught using 1-to-1 instruction and differentiated teaching methods that are best suited to their capabilities. Learning is personalized and students move at their own pace. In fact, at Augustine Hills School, the individual student is the class.

While no student should be left behind, it happens every day in America. Augustine Hills School helps students who fall through the cracks. Students who find themselves engulfed in social, emotional or health turmoil as a result of circumstances beyond their control or simply need to re-center themselves can excel at AHS. AHS can also be the answer for students needing extra help or who learn differently.

Gifted and talented students are well suited for the Augustine Hills School as well. Whether uniquely gifted in athletics, academics, or arts, the pursuit of being a professional athlete, a chess grand master, an actor, or musician may conflict with a typical school day. For those, the flexible scheduling and individualized learning at Augustine Hills School can be just the solution.

“It’s also for kids who have sports who can’t go to traditional schools, or perhaps they are modeling or acting and they need a four-day work week,” Bennett said. “I like to say to people, it’s like homeschooling without the home.”

Augustine Hills School is new but builds on decades of experience. We are Delaware DOE’s only 1-to-1 private school for grades 6-12. The new owners are passionate about helping students in need and are excited to share this unique asset with the community.

Augustine Hills School will be hosting Open Houses on November 5, 12:00-1:00 pm and on November 6, 7 pm to 8 pm in our center at 6 Stone Hill Road off of Augustine Cutoff. Information about the school can be found at Tours may be scheduled by contacting the school at (302) 594-0754.


Contact: Juli Bennett

Phone: 302-594-0754


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